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Samantha was a homeless veteran who was self medicating while suffering from PTSD and military sexual trauma. She was arrested for a DUI & resisting arrest. CVJP helped get her into a specialized MST recovery program and her service bird 'Bocelli' into foster care while she recovered. Samantha was able to get military diversion for her case, working towards dismissal with treatment and eventually transitional living. She has transformed her life and is happy healthy and free!

Royce was a veteran who had an open DUI and 2 closed DUIs from 2015 with warrants out on all of them. His VA benefits were also in a state of disarray from 2015 with the VA saying he owed them $70,000. CVJP worked with him to get the warrants recalled. We also helped him get military diversion for the open case, which allowed him to get treatment then dismissal. Finally, we were able to get his benefits straightened out within a week and a half allowing him to get all the back payments from 2015! Royce is now volunteering for CVJP!

There are hundreds more stories like Samantha and Royce! We need your help and support to help other vets like them to live well and thrive. They fought for us, now we need to fight for them! WWW.CVJP.ORG

CVJP is a project of the well-established and respected entity, Community Partners, which is a 501(c)3, and our fiscal sponsor.